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Florida could pave new changes in ‘stand your ground’ laws

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Lucy McBath is afraid many more people will die if Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs a bill making it harder to prosecute when people claim they commit violence in self-defense. She already lost her son, an unarmed black teenager, when a white man angry over loud music and claiming self-defense fired 10 times at an SUV filled with teenagers. The measure before Scott would effectively require a trial-before-a-trial whenever someone invokes self-defense, making prosecutors prove the suspect doesn’t deserve immunity.…

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Young Americans: Most see Donald Trump as illegitimate president

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Jermaine Anderson keeps going back to the same memory of Donald Trump, then a candidate for president of the United States, referring to some Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers. “You can’t be saying that (if) you’re the president,” says Anderson, a 21-year-old student from Coconut Creek, Florida. That Trump is undeniably the nation’s 45th president doesn’t sit easily with young Americans like Anderson who are the nation’s increasingly diverse electorate of the future, according to a new poll. A…

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Donald Trump rejects ‘phony’ polls, insists ‘we are winning’

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A defiant Donald Trump blamed his campaign struggles on “phony polls” from the “disgusting” media on Monday, fighting to energize his most loyal supporters as his path to the presidency shrinks. With just 14 days until the election, the Republican nominee campaigned in battleground Florida as his team conceded publicly as well as privately that crucial Pennsylvania may be slipping away to Democrat Hillary Clinton. That would leave him only a razor-thin pathway to the 270 electoral votes needed to…

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Today on Context Florida: Solar regulation, rule of law, financial literacy and Apple & the FBI

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Today on Context Florida: Jim Kallinger and Dick Batchelor wrote in Context Florida last week that voters should support “Amendment 1,” which seeks to regulate solar energy in Florida. They disclose at the end of the article that they work for “Consumers for Smart Solar.” Julie Delegal reminds voters that they may not know “Consumers for Smart Solar” is a bankrolled front for Big Energy, which wants to control solar energy in Florida, and is looking to suppress competition from rooftop…

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Obamas hire private chef for White House

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Sam Kass, a private chef for the Obamas while they were living in Chicago, is now working in the White House, Marian Burros writes on The Caucus. A spokeswoman for Michelle Obama said Mr. Kass has a particular interest in healthy food and local food. – Mr. Kass’s appointment should please chefs like Alice Waters, who have lobbied the Obamas to set an example for the rest of the country by emphasizing food that is healthy, local and sustainable. It…

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Two polls, one truth: Happiness cannot be bought

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There are two very insighful, almost jaw-dropping surveys making their way around the web. The first survey by the University of Chicago shows that personal misery among Americans is at its highest levels since the early 1990s, with people saddled with woes over healthcare, unemployment, paying bills and romance. A second, seperate survey indicates that U.S. Consumer Confidence is back to its pre-Katrina levels, indicating that Americans are likely to spend (and consume) more. I think one survey is feeding…

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