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Sugar growers: We were not involved ‘in any way’ with medical marijuana implementation

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Florida sugar growers are pushing back hard on accusations that “Big Sugar and Big Citrus” had a hand in writing legislation to expand access to medical marijuana. On Thursday, the Tampa Bay Times reported that that tucked into sweeping legislation on medical marijuana is “preferential treatment to companies that promise to convert orange juice factories and other citrus-processing facilities into marijuana grow sites.” According to the Times, lawmakers want to replenish Florida’s citrus industry, which has been struggling after seasons…

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Everglades landowners ‘not willing sellers’ for Joe Negron’s Lake O reservoir

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A group of landowners in the Everglades Agricultural Area are telling the state officials that selling land south of lake Okeechobee do nothing to fix problems they believe are caused north of the lake. Senate President Joe Negron is pushing a Senate proposal seeks to create a $2.4-billion, 60,000-acre reservoir for Everglades water storage. If there aren’t enough willing sellers, SB 10 says then 153,000 acres of U.S. Sugar land can be purchased under an option entered in 2010. In…

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Today on Context Florida: Adoptions, what you think, Hillary Clinton and real estate law

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Today on Context Florida: More than 600 children woke up without a permanent home to call their own, says Jason Brodeur, who himself is a child of adoptive parents. That is why he authored legislation to make Florida the best state for adoptions – particularly adoptions benefiting foster children. When it comes to helping children, he adds, let us check rigid ideologies at the door – all of them. The poor? The hell with them. Education? Don’t make me laugh. The…

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