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Time growing short for Rick Scott to decide ‘whiskey & Wheaties’ bill’s fate

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A history of alcoholism in Gov. Rick Scott’s family will inform his decision about whether to sign the “whiskey & Wheaties” bill, which would tear down the wall of separation between hard liquor and other goods. “I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on that bill,” Scott told reporters. “I’ve had family members who have had the challenge of alcoholism,” he said when asked about that history. “It concerns me. As I review the bill — I think I have to…

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Joe Henderson: Tearing down ‘booze wall’ is right choice for consumers

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Assuming Gov. Rick Scott signs the bill repealing the state’s so-called “booze wall,” I suspect it won’t take long before we all wonder what the fuss was about. The euphemistic wall is one of those Prohibition-era creations that mandated hard liquor can’t be sold in regular grocery stores. That might have made sense 82 years ago when it was enacted, but in 2017 — when convenience and one-stop shopping drives the market — it no longer does. Repealing the law…

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Halloween is brought you by these Florida lobbyists and political associations

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Even though classic costumes such as witches, vampires and Frankenstein’s monster may have gone out of style and been replaced by superheroes and Star Wars characters, the Halloween spirit is alive and well. The Florida Department of Health said this week that the average American will eat 3.4 pounds of candy this weekend, and many kids will eat more than 70,000 calories during their post trick-or-treating binge. It’ll take more than a couple loops around the block to work that off. There’s no such thing as Halloween…

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July 4th Weekend is brought to you by these lobbyists and political organizations

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It doesn’t get much more American than the Fourth of July. After all, the holiday commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was then 239 years go our founders took great personal risk to declare their independence, and created this democratic republic out of their blood, sweat, and philosophical determination. The politics of 1776 were void of “registered lobbyists” but the things that we associate with Independence Day today, however — trips to recreational locales, beer &  spirits and even…

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