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Tarpon Springs elementary school parents face off with bizarre mix of stalking, road rage accusations

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Parents of students in Tarpon Springs are going head to head in a battle that has produced an even dozen various stalking claims.

In the latest clash, Stephen Alexander is taking on Lisa McMenamin, John McMenamin, and two lawyers.

Both Alexander and the McMenamin’s have children attending Brooker Creek Elementary at 3130 Forelock Road in Tarpon Springs.

A suit, filed Oct. 24, claims that April 11, 2016, the McMenamins negligently operated a vehicle and committed road rage. Alexander says he was injured in the “auto accident” with sustained damages totaling $45 million.

The defendants are being charged with four counts of negligence.

The first claim took place at the elementary school the day of the road rage incident. The next three claims come from separate encounters that resulted in emotional distress. Details of these incidents are withheld from the suit.

Lisa McMenamin brought the first of 12 suits, with an action against Gwendolyn Olmsted Alexander. The petition for protection against stalking was filed March 18, 2016, after Olmsted verbally assaulted McMenamin and sent multiple emails harassing and threatening McMenamin.

An email sent out by the secretary of Crescent Oaks Homeowners Association, Irvin Rosen, said the McMenamin kids were fundraising for Suncoast Animal League. They requested donations in the form of money or supplies be made to the family, who would then send them to Suncoast.

What followed was a thread of bizarre emails from Olmsted. The first email, Olmsted implied that the kids would get a cut and that people believed she wasn’t smart enough to donate directly to the charity.

“… and how much of a cut do Matthew and Katie McMenamin get, since I suppose I am incapable and too non-gifted to donate directly to those charities myself?” Olmstead wrote.

Olmsted referenced her books claiming that it’s a charity people should donate to. She sent a second email asking for her response to be sent around to promote her novels. In the second email, Olmsted claims to be a disabled veteran.

In Rosen’s response, he claimed he “did not mean to disparage” her work, but intended to encourage the kids’ efforts.

Two days later, she sent another email to Rosen, the McMenamins, and Crescent Oaks. In this email, Olmsted alleges a woman (referred to as Mindy) assaulted her in public at the kids’ bus stop. The threats McMenamin refers to in her suit come from this email.

“Must be the veteran in me, you know the thrill of killing another human being, or in my case, definitely plural … If you attack me like that again, I will call the police,” Olmsted wrote.

Olmsted was married to Alexander up until their divorce in 2013. However, they still live together with their 8-year-old son. Olmstead’s website for her novels claim she held “top-secret” positions in the U.S. government and is married to a corporate attorney. The site also cites a person named Robert Hauser III as her current boyfriend.

In an application to determine Alexander’s indigent status, he claims to have zero dependents. The form shows that he only receives $1,400 a month in Social Security benefits. On Oct. 24, 0216, the Clerk of the Circuit Court deemed Alexander to be indigent.

According to BayLawsuits, Alexander had hospitalized himself on multiple occasions, which suggested some instability.

No further cases have been filed since Oct. 24.


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