The day that was in the CD 13 special election

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While everyone else was celebrating Friday, the race for Florida’s 13th Congressional District intensifies as does the rhetoric, with Mitch Perry having his “Howard Beale I’m-Mad-as-Hell” moment.

Here is the day that was in the special election in CD 13:

For the birds — The Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club endorsed Alex Sink in Florida’s 13th Congressional District race, calling her a “staunch defender of the people of Florida.” Citing her effort to hold BP accountable, Sierra Club PAC chair Cecilia Height added that Sink’s “interests lie in protecting Florida and its environment, unlike her opponent.” David Jolly, on the other hand, denies the risk of oil drilling and rising seas from climate change.

Mostly False — is the ranking by PolitiFact Florida on the claim by the Republican Party of Florida that Alex Sink “supported higher sales taxes,” specifically her stance on discussing repealing  some sales tax exemptions in light of falling tax revenues in 2008. The way the GOP worded the attack flyer made it seem as if Sink advocated a broad-based tax hike. Sink was actually supporting an analysis of sales tax exemptions. So what else is new?

Outta control — is what Creative Loafing’s Mitch Perry calls the “distortions in the CD 13 race.” Democrats pushed the idea that Jolly supports privatizing Social Security, when he has repeatedly said he would break from the GOP on that issue. Yet he’s continues to be hammered for it. “All in all, another silly day on the campaign trail,” Perry writes, in a (much milder) version of Howard Beale’s “Mad as Hell” moment in Network. Mitch, you got that right.

A closer look — SaintPetersBlog examines a recent National Republican Congressional Committee email reminding Alex Sink that the “Simpson-Bowles” fiscal responsibility and reform act — which she calls a good “conversation starter” on deficit reduction — raises not only Social Security retirement age, but also Social Security taxes. A helluva conversation that would be. 

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