Today on Context Florida: campaign spending, Corinne Brown, immigration reform and privatized education

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Today on Context Florida:

Amidst the national obsession over LeBron James’ return to Ohio, Martin Dyckman noted something immensely more important that happened in Washington on Thursday, scarcely noticed by anyone. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted for a constitutional amendment enabling Congress and the states to set reasonable limits on campaign contributions and spending. That was the good news. The survival of our democracy depends on that amendment. The bad news was that it was a party-line vote: Ten Democrats for, eight Republicans against.

The League of Women Voters won their court challenge to Florida’s congressional map last week, and among those who oppose the decision is Democratic U.S. Rep. Corinne Brown, whose long, snakelike District 5 was one of the two districts specifically invalidated by Judge Terry Lewis. Julie Delegal believes Brown should not fight the ruling; the Big Lie that Republican lawmakers perpetuated during redistricting was that the districts had to be drawn with bizarre, snaky districts to comply with the Voting Rights Act. Not so, said Judge Lewis.

Rick Outzen reports on the a national day of action, where the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops joined with human rights activists and academics to call for Congress to end the stalemate on immigration reform and to develop a path to legal residency for the undocumented immigrants already here. That’s right. Immigration reform is good business.

It is clear to Marc Yacht that most people, including educators, are throwing our children and their teachers under the school bus. His first concern is the desire by the governor and legislators to privatize education. Once you understand that agenda, many things fall into place.

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