Today on Context Florida: Future Florida politics, separate & unequal, Ferguson and Small Business Saturday

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Today on Context Florida:

Daniel Tilson looks into the future, where it is Thanksgiving 2024 and Florida politics is still making national news, just weeks after President-elect Elizabeth Warren’s 36,000-vote victory over one-term President Jeb Bush on his home turf gave her a razor-thin Electoral College win. That’s because Democratic Gov. Mark Pafford last week announced a bold plan to “reinvent” Florida government.

In 1968, the Kerner Commission, shorthand for the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, concluded, “Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white — separate and unequal” — the major cause: White racism. Fifty years later, Stephen Goldstein says Florida remains “separate and unequal.”

The focus in Ferguson, Mo. addresses a police officer firing 12 shots at an unarmed black teen, eight of which hit the teen and killed him. A grand jury reviewed the evidence from the shooting and officials announced Monday night that the evidence did not support indicting the officer. Sadly, Marc Yacht notes our political polarization and rigid personal ideologies makes solutions difficult.

While politicians continue to disagree and disappoint, Bill Herrle says Main Street has found a way to endure. Some small-business owners, instead of laying people off, have cut their own salaries. Others have dipped into savings to keep their doors open, make payroll or avoid cutting back employee hours. That’s incredible when you think about it, and when we have a chance to thank small business and support it, we should take it. We’ll have that opportunity on Small Business Saturday.

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