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Today on Context Florida: Radical GOP demagogues, Corinne Brown, saving animals and protecting business from ransomware

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Today on Context Florida:

Wisconsin’s primary doesn’t mean that Ted Cruz will be the Republican nominee, but Martin Dyckman says it does make it more likely that the party convention will make old-timers forget the Democrats’ brawl in 1968. Donald Trump won’t be the only raging bull at Cleveland. Cruz will be smashing the china also, refusing to be merely a foil for Trump. Both are radical demagogues. In some ways Trump is the less dangerous one. His only consistent ideology is his id: it’s all about himself. Cruz, on the other hand, is an ideological fanatic — a religious extremist, loose cannon on foreign policy, and a crackpot on such core domestic issues as taxation. Cruz is a factor only because Trump is. The regular Republicans know by now what has hit them, but they still don’t seem to know why.

Bob Sparks finds it hard to believe that while Florida is less than 150 days away from the August 30 primary, two Congressional districts remain in limbo. One of the incumbents did not approve of the Court’s approval, so she took the matter to federal court. Rep. Corrine Brown from Jacksonville is trying to have the map overturned because, she alleges, it violates the federal Voting Rights Act. Brown wants to run in her old, serpentine district running from Jacksonville to Orlando until the legal matter is resolved once and for all. She had her day in U.S. District Court in Tallahassee on March 25.

Catherine Durkin Robinson says everyone should have a friend like Julie Solomon Bame, who coordinates health care for the homeless in Broward County. She’s been doing this thankless job for more than 15 years. Before that? Bame coordinated health care for AIDS patients in Tampa. If she finds someone sick and in need of care, she does what it takes, sometimes disregarding her own safety, to get the help they need. In her spare time, Bame coordinates health care for animals, too.

Blake Dowling warns about ransomware, which has been a scourge since it first reared its head a few years back. The original Cyptolocker virus continues to cause problems worldwide and has been doing so since 2013. The original version would work like this: you receive a fake email pretending to be from UPS etc. and you click the link. First the files on your PC are infected and if you do not unplug the device, it spreads to anything connected to it. The virus still gives you access to Windows but no files, and the frightening looking clock begins its countdown to show you how long you have until your files are deleted. Dowling points to a new version called Petya Ransomware in which a computer’s hard drive is infected. This threat is rampaging across Europe.

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