Today on Context Florida: Scott secrets, school start, synecdoche and Obama & golf

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Today on Context Florida:

Floridians would love Gov. Rick Scott, writes Diane Roberts, if only these “horrible newspaper people” would stop making everything about secret email accounts, money from big donors and violating open government laws, and just write happy stories about how the governor loves the environment, education and tax cuts. There now. Go back to sleep.

The first few weeks of the school year can be overwhelming, says UCF anthropology graduate student Vu Tran, especially at a university of nearly 60,000 students. It is normal to be worried and stressed about the future, but that should not hold you back from harnessing your full potential. If anything, you should take on the challenge and do everything to the best of your abilities.

Julie Delegal defines synecdoche as using one part of something to speak for the whole. When it comes to school-privatization rhetoric, voucher proponents have mastered the art of synecdoche. They find an individual — a successful, accomplished voucher student — and tell a glowing story meant to represent all private school voucher students, indeed, the entire voucher school experience.

The golf course has always been a great place to talk, close a deal, and learn about a person, writes Steve Kurlander. So the fact that President Obama plays golf on stressful and relaxing days alike is not only understandable, but should be encouraged. The golf course is a place to be challenged and gain insight about yourself and others.

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