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Today on Context Florida: Secret Service protection, censorship not so bad, Smart Solar, alimony “reform” and the Pfizer squeeze

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Today on Context Florida:

As Donald Trump moves ever closer to snagging the GOP nomination for U.S. president, Bob Driver says he will probably ask for — and receive — a high level of Secret Service protection. He may well need it. As the weeks pass, the political atmosphere is heating up to the point where “ugly” no longer describes what’s going on. Trump’s fans are many, and well may usher him into the White House. But the fact remains that millions of Americans — including large chunks of his own party — dislike Trump. Even more disturbing, many of them fear him.

Barry Jason Mauer argues that censorship is not all bad. Free-speech idealists argue that the solution to bad speech (misinformation, lies, abusive language, etc.) is not censorship but more speech. But bad speech can, and often does, drown out the good.

With already more than 1 million voters signing petitions in support of Amendment 1, Jim Kallinger and Dick Batchelor of Consumers for Smart Solar talk about the first polling on Amendment 1 since it was certified to the ballot in early February. The poll showed that the Smart Solar Amendment, which is poised for the November ballot, is widely supported by Florida voters.

Alimony “reform” is not about fairness or equity or trying to create practicability to chaos, says Mark A. Sessums. If fairness were the desired result, the solution would then be simple: Just equalize net income for a period equal to the length of the marriage. But, that’s not the solution being advanced.

Mark Ferrulo points out that the big drug company Pfizer has been squeezing Florida families by hiking its prices while dodging its taxes, putting a strain on both personal and public budgets. Now it’s pursuing its biggest tax avoidance scheme ever. Luckily, President Obama can stop it.

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