Today on Context Florida: 4 hits at Republicans; 3 on health care; 2 on shutdowns; and 1 on prepaid dental

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Today on Context Florida, Martin Dyckman talks the issue of the day: shutdown. Dyckman blames the “radical minority” of Republicans for leveraging “control of one part of one branch of the government to paralyze the whole of it.” 

Darryl Paulson also takes a hard look at Republicans in the second of his two-part series on partisans in Florida; and Daniel Tilson, the same, suggesting that “government shutdown shenanigans” aren’t really about blocking Obamacare, but instead about “conservative Republicans pandering for Tea Party votes in their 2014 re-election bids.”

Then, Ben Kirby takes the news of an ax-wielding man in St. Pete being shot by police after being released for a seventh time from a mental health institution and relates it to much needed mental illness reforms in our nation’s public health system.

Also related to public health, Karen Cyphers explores the benefits of maintaining Florida’s current prepaid dental health program under Medicaid, suggesting that recent improvements in expanding access to dental care will be undone if the program sunsets in 2014.

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