Today on Context Florida: Crist, Crist, Green Eggs and Ham, and Uber

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Today on Context Florida, setting the stage for when Charlie Crist announces his gubernatorial rebirth, Martin Dyckman asks, “Who is the real Crist — and do voters care?” and offers some apt comparisons from Florida history as an answer. For those voters who do care, Darryl Paulson lists out ten questions Charlie needs to answer as he sets to launch his bid as the Democratic nominee for governor. Hint: these questions involve a fair amount of warranted probing.

Then, Bob Sparks examines our nation’s deep political divides and the forms of speech that derive from it. Sparks shares a sampling of “incredibly stupid and hurtful things” that members of both parties have said publicly, and in doing so, places Ted Cruz’s “Green Eggs and Ham” reading in a far more favorable context.

Bringing things back home, Ben Kirby explores Uber, the “next big thing in Tampa Bay transportation” which represents to Kirby a rare area where conservatives and liberals may be able to agree.

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