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Today on Context Florida: Joe Biden tours Florida, two Marco Rubios and Donald Trump, demagogue

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Today on Context Florida:

Vice President Joe Biden visited Florida this week supposedly to do what Bob Sparks says vice presidents do. He came to raise money for Democrats and talk about a college-readiness policy initiative on behalf of President Obama. Free community college is not why the media showed up. With the vice president in town, it’s all about the potential contest between the sitting vice president taking on the former secretary of state and the rest of the field.

Marco Rubio likes to say he’s representing the future of the Grand Old Party. (An oxymoron, wonders Chris Timmons.) Poke around a bit, he says, and you find two Rubios – one who says the federal government could do without a Department of Education. But there are other issues where the divide between the future and the past make Rubio a bit incoherent. The light of the Republican future defends an old-hat U.S. Cuba policy that had not put a dint into the harsh tyranny of Fidel Castro’s or his brother Raul’s regime in the 50 years it had been around.

Former Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp says the recent history of presidential elections shows Donald Trump is unlikely to win nomination. While it’s true that Trump has a slight lead in the latest poll of Iowa voters, it appears his support is driven almost entirely by his stand on immigration. But what happens when the social conservative Iowa voters start to truly examine Trump’s record of supporting the Obama stimulus plan, of shifting jobs to China and India for his clothing line, of supporting many Democrats – including Hillary Clinton – not to mention that he is pro-choice?

Martin Dyckman also says we have seen Trump’s type before — a demagogue. He’s living out the dictionary definition of a demagogue as one who “makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.” Dyckman believes such a person cannot — should not — be trusted with the leadership of any country.

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