Today on Context Florida: lobbyist reporting, collective depression, and a lesson from 1944

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Today on Context Florida, editor Peter Schorsch compels the Legislature to rescind lobbyist compensation reporting requirements, particularly in light of legislative hesitation to conduct audits.

Steven Kurlander offers a sobering look at recent acts of violence that together suggest to him the “collective madness of an angry and depressed America.” Kurlander begins with the recent story of Miriam Carey and ends by posing what many fear: that these acts cannot just be “written off as the unhinged acts of a mentally ill person.”

Then, Karen Cyphers shares some thoughts and data on how end-of-life planning spares heartache and money, an advocates the use of advance directives and POLST forms to give people more control.

Finally, in the third of his four-part series, Gary Mormino  goes on to share how Florida’s political pundits got it wrong in the gubernatorial election of 1944 — observations that are surprisingly relevant to pundits today.

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