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Tim Kaine promotes his lengthy government experience

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The Latest on the Democratic National Convention (all times EDT):

10:17 p.m.

Tim Kaine is promoting his lengthy government experience in his first major speech as the Democratic vice presidential candidate.

The Virginia senator – in a prime-time speech at the Democratic convention – is detailing his rise from a member of the Richmond City Council to the city’s mayor, to Virginia’s lieutenant governor to governor.

Kaine says if he’s good at his work, it’s because he “started at the local level listening to people, learning about their lives and trying to get results.”

Kaine says it was hard work steering his state through the recession, but he says, “Hey, tough times don’t last – and tough people do.”

10:14 p.m.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine says his Republican father-in-law has been voting for a lot of Democrats recently.

Kaine’s father-in-law is a former Virginia governor, Linwood Holton. Kaine tells Democrats at their national convention that his father-in-law is in attendance – at age “90-plus and going strong.”

Kaine says his father-in-law remains a Republican, but is voting for Democrats because “any party that would nominate Donald Trump for president has moved too far away from his party of Lincoln.”

Kaine is inviting other voters “looking for that party of Lincoln,” to join the Democratic Party.

10:10 p.m.

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is “humbly” accepting his party’s nomination for vice president.

Kaine tells the Democratic convention in Philadelphia that he formally accepts the party’s nomination on behalf of his wife, Anne, “and every strong woman in this country,” their three children and everyone in the military.

The former governor of Virginia and mayor of Richmond says he’ll run for vice president on behalf of families working to get ahead, for senior citizens hoping for a dignified retirement and for every person who wants America to be a beloved community.

And Kaine says he’ll do it for his friend and running mate, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

10 p.m.

A video introducing Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is emphasizing his working-class roots and his service as Virginia’s governor and senator.

The video playing for convention delegates says Kaine’s life is “built on selfless humble service” and that he had a “Midwestern start in a working-class home in Kansas City.”

The tribute notes his work as a civil rights lawyer, commitment to family and work to bring Virginia together after a shooting at Virginia Tech while he was governor

9:45 p.m.

Vice President Joe Biden is calling Vladimir Putin a “dictator” – a term the U.S. government doesn’t use when referring to the Russian president.

Biden says in his speech at the Democratic convention that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is belittling U.S. allies while embracing “dictators like Vladimir Putin.”

Earlier in the day, Trump said: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” He was referring to emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server as secretary of state that she said she deleted – because they were private – before turning other messages over to the State Department.

The U.S. regularly chastises Putin for cracking down on dissent, but doesn’t consider Russia a dictatorship. Putin has won three presidential elections, most recently in 2012.

9:43 p.m.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is endorsing Hillary Clinton – and that’s giving her the support of an independent who says he votes based on the candidate, “not the party label.”

Bloomberg says at the Democratic National Convention that the country must unite around Clinton because she can “defeat a dangerous demagogue.”

He’s offering a tough critique of businessman Donald Trump, saying, “I’m a New Yorker and I know a con when I see one.”

Bloomberg points to his work to build a business and compares that with Trump’s beginning in real estate:

“I didn’t start it with a million dollar check from my father.”

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