Charlie Crist roots for his new team at Congressional baseball game

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At Thursday’s Congressional Baseball Game in DC, Charlie Crist cheered for his newest political stripes as the Democrats wiped the GOP team clean, 22-0.

Crist posed for a pic with freshman Rep. Patrick Murphy, the Democrat who unseated Allen West in 2012 and who put an RBI double in the first inning of the charity ball game at Nationals Park.

Republican strategist Anna Navarro tweeted of the game’s outcome, “Is there any better proof we need more young & Hispanic Republicans in Congress?”  And Rep. Tom Rooney tweeted that while the game didn’t go his team’s way, at least they raised a lot of money for charities.

Charities include the Washington Literacy Center, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington, and the Nationals Dream Foundation.

The first Congressional ball game was in 1909, with an inaugural Democratic win of 26-16. Republicans didn’t win their first game til 1916, and the games started being covered by radio in 1928.  There were a few interruptions in game history due to the Great Depression and the Second World War; and in 1958, Speaker Sam Rayburn ended the game complaining that it had become too physical.  Speaker John McCormack revived the game in 1962 with the support of Roll Call, then-new newspaper, who offered a trophy to the winning team in a best-of-five series. Overall in history, Republicans hold more wins than Democrats, at 38-36 with one tie.

Murphy was the only Florida Democrat to participate, while Floridian representatives Ron DeSantis, Tom Rooney, Dennis Ross, and Dan Webster played for the R’s.   When in the Florida legislature, Ross was a leader in legislative softball games.

George Bennett posted about the game and Crist’s appearance here.