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Mobile-home chain wrestles with ex-con tenant over rent payments sent in error

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Kenneth Moore Jr.

When Tampa’s Livingston Family Communities came under new ownership at the end of 2015, problems arose for one long term resident of the mobile home park.

Kenneth Moore Jr., 54, originally filed suit January 2016 against the newly formed Livingston Family Communities LLC. Although Moore lost that case, he didn’t give up hope.

Moore filed an appeal on Nov. 14, 2016.

The community was purchased by a newly formed company, Livingston Family Communities. They company paid $1.465 million for the property Nov. 24, 2015. Residents were informed of the change of ownership Dec. 3, 2015, two days after December’s rent was due.

By then, many residents had either already paid rent or set it to be paid to the previous owners.

Moore arranged with his bank to automatically send out rent in the form of a cashier’s check on the fourth of every month.

When Moore received the notice, he informed the company’s representative that he received his disability payments on the third of every month and a cashier’s check was sent out on the fourth of each month. The representative told him not to worry because other tenants are in the same situation. He also informed the representative that he would have to contact his bank to have payment sent to the correct company.

To redirect the payment to the new company, Moore had to contact his bank. The bank had to process the request and the payment wasn’t sent until the following business day, Monday Dec. 7, 2016.

The company signed the check on Dec. 17 and cashed it five days later.

On Dec. 9, Moore received a notice taped to his mailbox demanding rent be paid along with late fees totaling nearly $30. Three days later, Moore received a second notice via mail.

Moore claims his rent was late only because he was given extremely short notice to contact his bank and make appropriate changes to the payment.

On Dec. 30, a notice came in the mail stating Moore would have to pay $345 in full to the company for January rent and new late fee charges. On Jan. 2, another letter was received informing him the company would not accept bank transfers or checks.

Moore made his January rent payment by money order to the park manager.

Moore claims to have lived at the mobile home park for the past 15 years. In those years, he was never late on paying rent.

In fact, Moore couldn’t have continuously lived at the property — he was incarcerated from 2005 to 2006 for a charge of battery on a law enforcement officer. Since 1997, Moore had been arrested for several crimes: DUI (multiple times), leaving the scene of a crash, loitering/prowling, domestic violence, aggravated battery/great bodily harm, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to, Moore’s records show he has extensive experience filing legal briefs without the aid of an attorney.

Livingston Family Communities mobile home park is at 15812 Livingston Ave. in Tampa.



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