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City Council candidate Robert Blackmon adds two endorsements ahead of Election Day

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St. Petersburg City Council candidate Robert Blackmon announced endorsements Thursday from a former council member and the chair of the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority.

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An anticlimactic finish to St. Petersburg’s mayoral race? Or is Rick Kriseman closing on Rick Baker?

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In one week, St. Petersburg residents will know whether Rick Baker is returning to City Hall for a third term as mayor or if incumbent Rick Kriseman lives to fight another day. Whether Baker wins the August 29 primary outright is really the only drama left to unfold in what has turned out to be, at least compared to the previous two mayoral races, an anticlimactic affair.

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Gunster takes in $470K in Q2 lobbying fees

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Gunster Yoakley & Stewart’s Tallahassee governmental affairs practice hauled in an estimated $470,000 in consulting fees in the second quarter of 2015, according to recently submitted lobbyist compensation reports. In its first quarter since adding veteran influencer Cameron Yarbrough to =its roster, Gunster managed 38 executive lobbying clients who paid a total of approximately $110,000 along with 33 legislative clients who accounted for $360,000. Washington-based employment services giants TrueBlue, Inc., stood alone as Gunster’s client with the biggest invoice at between $40,000-$49,999 for…

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Exclusive: Latest poll shows Kathleen Ford leading decisively over Bill Foster; Kennedy well ahead, Kornell, Rouson neck and neck

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At Tuesday’s Mayoral Forum hosted by Tiger Bay, Bill Foster pulled no punches in his verbal pummeling of Kathleen Ford. Foster seemed to want to blame Ford for anything and everything that had ever gone wrong in St. Petersburg. If he could’ve, Foster would’ve even blamed Ford for the Rays losing the World Series, except Foster was too busy playing the victim card, doth protesting too much about Ford’s (actually humorous) criticisms of Foster’s narrow worldview. I thought Foster’s was…

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St. Petersburg’s elections have become a frustrating choice of black…or rainbow?

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From reading the St. Petersburg Times‘ coverage of the municipal elections, one could be forgiven for thinking there is not a single white, straight voter in the entire city of St. Petersburg. Voters are either black or gay or they just don’t seem to matter, especially if they don’t have an opinion on where to build a new stadium. Since the primary, story after story has been written about Bill Foster and Kathleen Ford’s efforts to court the African-American vote.…

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It’s not the party, it’s the after-party

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Campaign after-parties are for me what weddings are for most other people…the best place to get laid without having to pay. Here’s the rundown of where the candidates will be: Jamie Bennett is partying at home with his wonderful wife, who yesterday was classy enough to flick Barry Edwards the middle finger while waving signs. Classy, Aimee, classy. In one of the more interesting cases of downstairs-upstairs, Kathleen Ford will be celebrating at Red Mesa Cantina, while Deveron Gibbons goes…

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