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House candidate Erin Grall says lobbyist Chip Case’s email is “unprofessional”

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If you work in the political process, your email inbox won’t go five minutes without being filled with yet another fundraising appeal from some candidate running for some office. Representing multi-million dollar companies, Florida lobbyists are especially inundated with these solicitations for campaign donations. Ninety-nine percent of the time, these emails are deleted as quickly as they arrive. That is, unless your email has the misfortune of landing in Chip Case‘s inbox. “Don’t send me your shit,” is how Case began…

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Mark Wilson says assignment of benefits next big Florida Chamber insurance priority

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Opening the Florida Chamber’s annual Insurance Summit in Orlando, Chamber CEO Mark Wilson told the assembled crowd of insurance agents and industry advocates that a nasty battle is brewing between insurers and “billboard trial lawyers” – and that he intends to help insurers win. Speaking in Central Florida, which he said leads the world in advertisements for trial attorneys, Wilson said that lawsuits involving so-called “assignment of benefits” – whereby a policyholder designates a third party to collect benefits from an insurance…

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‘Assignment of benefits’ a bonanza for trial lawyers and vendors, bad for consumers

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Bills are gaining momentum in both the House and Senate and to rein in a rapidly growing insurance scam in which sketchy trial lawyers and remediation firms are getting stressed-out homeowners to sign over their policy benefits and rights after a burst water pipe or similar home emergency. Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is a long-used legal tool meant to allow vendors to get paid promptly for emergency repairs to a home without having to get the policyholder directly involved. But in…

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Trial lawyers name Debra Henley new executive director

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The Florida Justice Association’s Board of Directors formally selected Debra Henley as its new executive director. This selection was made with the concurrence of the FJA’s Executive Committee. After a nationwide search with over 50 applicants, an intensive screening and interview process, Ms. Henley was recommended by the Executive Director Search Committee and FJA’s Executive Committee. “I am incredibly humbled by this selection,” said Ms. Henley. “The Florida Justice Association is the most effective group in Tallahassee battling to protect…

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On Endorsements

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Are endorsements helpful in state legislative races? Of course they are. When one candidate earns a majority of endorsements, like Charles Gerdes has in the Democratic Primary for House District 53, then that has to count for something. Often, though, the slate of endorsements are spread out among each of the candidates in a race. The Realtors endorsed this candidate, the PBA endorsed that candidate and so on. Sometimes, a candidate wins all of the “Democratic” endorsements, like ones from…

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