Tenet presention at Barclays Conference in Miami shows what is on the line for Florida with healthcare reform

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Tenet Healthcare presented Tuesday at the Barclays Global Healthcare Conference held in Miami Beach at the Loews Hotel, calling attention to how much Florida stands to gain or lose through Medicaid expansion and health care reform deliberations.

Their presentation included this slide, showing the expected growth in covered lives at each of their hospitals following the expansion of insurance coverage with PPACA health reform, compared to the national average.

These projections assume all states implement Medicaid expansion — an assumption that looks less and less likely to pan out in Florida despite Governor Rick Scott’s well-reasoned recommendation to accept federal dollars for such.

I added yellow circles surrounding Florida hospitals, making clear that the impact of Medicaid expansion on Florida residents would dramatically exceed the national average.  In other words, the percent of Floridians projected to gain coverage through health reform is greater than those in other areas of the nation that Tenet hospitals service.

Alternatives to Medicaid expansion, such as the one proposed by Sen. Joe Negron, may indeed produce a similar, if not equal impact — questions that will certainly be hot in the weeks to come.