The Empty Chair Saga, Part III

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In 2006, Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial campaign calculated how many votes were missed in Congress by Democratic opponent Jim Davis and portrayed his record of absence with an empty chair.

Apparently, it was an empty chair that knows how to swivel full circle.

Two years later when Crist was courting John McCain to be the vice presidential nominee, the Florida Democratic Party slammed Crist for his “blatant absence during the state’s most dire economic times.” The Democrats launched a website,, to highlight what they saw as the governor’s inattention to his office and to what they considered his “astounding amount of time off” from work.

Today, five years later, the Republican Party of Florida has re-launched that same site, once again attacking Crist — but only as an archive, reposting the very same words that the Democrats had used against him prior to Crist’s joining their party.

“Those who plan on voting in the Democratic primary next year deserve to be reminded of how the Florida Democratic Party felt about the man who is now courting them for their nomination in next year’s gubernatorial race,” said Lenny Curry, chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. “As a lifelong Democrat, a simple question for Allison Tant would be whether or not she agrees with FDP’s attack that Crist was ‘supposed to be working for Florida, but it’s clear as day that Charlie is only working for himself.'”

Only July 17, 2008, the Democrats blasted Crist for saying that if he weren’t chosen as McCain’s running mate he is “prepared to accept being governor of Florida.”

The Dems went on to call him a “self-centered opportunist” and hammered Crist for his “reckless, quick-fix approach to our state’s highest office.”

Will the Democratic infrastructure be as willing to stomach their own flip-flop on Crist as they are the flip-flops he himself brings to the dance?