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Today on Context Florida: Bear meat & Whole Foods, GOP bluster, bizarre politics and the Salt Shaker Test

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Today on Context Florida:

Doing research about Florida’s “astonishingly efficient” bear hunt, Tom O’Hara came across an equally astonishing analogy. The chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wrote this about hunting: “Hunting is the first and original organic and natural grocery store, offering locally-grown and harvested protein from the land. Think of it as nature’s Whole Foods. Health-conscious families value living off the land.” But after some investigation, O’Hara learned the analogy isn’t quite appropriate.

Republican antics may play well to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and their listeners, but Marc Yacht wonders if such bleating muster the votes to win a national election. Judging by the latest GOP effort to embarrass Hillary Clinton with another Benghazi investigation, he says 11-hour marathon found itself out of step even with some of its own party faithful.

What in the world is going on, asks Tim Bryce. As if the political world isn’t enough to drive a person crazy, we seem to be bombarded by a constant barrage of bizarre events that are difficult to comprehend. Nonetheless, the news media insists on producing stories testing our common sense. They would be funny if they were false, but they aren’t, and it is causing us all to shake our heads in bewilderment.

When two highly regarded Florida-based firms join forces for research into voter attitudes, Steve Vancore has little choice but to take them and their findings seriously. Such is the case with Viewpoint Florida, where two of Florida’s top-tier firms – Data Targeting (Pat Bainter and co.) and Public Concepts (Randy Nielsen and Rich Johnson) – have collaborated to “study and publish opinion data … important to all Floridians.”

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