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Florida AARP official calls GOP health care proposal ‘ageism unleashed’

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As the U.S. House prepares to vote this week on a GOP-based health care insurance overhaul, an official with Florida AARP said Monday the bill is “ageism unleashed.” “Ageism is discrimination against people due to their age, and that’s exactly what this proposal does,” said Jack McCray, advocacy manager for Florida AARP. McCray was referring to provisions that will raise insurance rates for people aged between 50-64 compared to those in their twenties. Older working class Americans with lower incomes would see their…

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Bill permitting Florida PSC to allow natural gas investments passes Senate committee

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A Florida Senate committee unanimously passed a proposal Tuesday giving electric utilities the opportunity to invest in natural-gas reserves and recoup money from customers. The legislation would allow any Florida power company using natural gas for 65 percent or more of its electricity generation to explore out-of-state for natural gas using residential ratepayer’s money. The bill from Fernandina Beach Republican Aaron Bean bill (SB 1238) is a response to the Florida Supreme Court’s rejection last May to Florida Power & Light’s program of investing ratepayers money…

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Florida seniors, be careful what you wish for with Donald Trump, Medicare

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Florida’s estimated 3.8 million senior citizens wanted change. They wanted to, how you say, drain the swamp? They voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in November. With voters age 65 and over, Trump won Florida by 17 percent. That likely was the difference in a statewide race he won over Hillary Clinton by about 119,000 votes. Here is part of the change they voted for. His name is Tom Price, just confirmed in the Senate as Trump’s secretary of Health and…

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Durability of NFL’s final 4 QBs vital to Super Bowl run

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The numbers are staggering. Over 182,000 yards passing (more than 103 miles worth), nearly 1,300 touchdowns and seven championships, with an eighth guaranteed for whoever parties in the confetti in Houston next month. Yet the numbers that might define Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan as much as any other on their eye-popping, fantasy football league-winning stat lines might 39, 34, 33 and 31 – the ages of the quarterbacks in the NFL’s version of the Final…

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AARP fights ‘loneliness epidemic’ with awareness campaign

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Loneliness is an “epidemic” affecting 8 million older Americans and the newest addition to America’s epidemic of Awareness Campaigns. In recent months, we’ve been flooded with Awareness of senior citizens bringing up grandchildren whose parents are dead or in jail. The rest of the old people are isolated and depressed in unprecedented numbers, says AARP, and it’s time to get Aware. Because nothing says Awareness better than an online tool, AARP has gifted us with a pandering to a millennial-sounding website called…

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The Walking Warehoused

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For most of history, dying was an event. These days, it’s a “process,” and one that can go on for decades. It’s rough on families. And it’s a gold mine for those who had the cash and the foresight to invest in the burgeoning “assisted living” industry. Old folks’ homes are springing up here faster than mattress stores and burger joints. The Tallahassee Democrat’s TaMaryn Waters reports that 12 of these places are in the pipeline and, says AARP spokesman…

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John Hishta: In honor of my grandmother … and future generations

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Exactly one year ago, AARP launched a campaign to put the spotlight on Social Security in the 2016 presidential election. This mission had special meaning for me because of Social Security’s role in my own family. When I was growing up in Syracuse, New York, my grandmother moved in with us. She was a widow, and she didn’t have much. But she never wanted to be a burden. Social Security made it possible for her to chip in with household expenses. And…

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